Jess Leftault Design

The Ultimate Collection of Drop Caps


The Ultimate Collection of Drop Caps Book Concept

Cass: Typography II
Skills: Book Design, Layout Design, Book Binding, Hand-lettering, Typography

Created as part of a Typography class, this handmade book combines my love of typography and making physical objects. Imagined as part of a collection, this edition features the first lines of famous novels, one for each letter of the alphabet. The hand-drawn letter styles were developed using major themes of the book or the time period it takes place.


I spent extensive time exploring what collection to develop and researching which quotes I would use. I kept in mind how the letters would relate to the context of the novel. I developed several potential layout possibilities, and gained a clear understanding of how I imagined this collection existing. I learned how to bind a book using the kettle stitch method, creating what looks and feels like a published edition of the collection.