Jess Leftault Design

Young Artist Solo Competition


2018 Young Artists' Solo Competition Poster

Client: The Rose City Gay Freedom Bands
Skills: Poster Design, Layout Design, Advertising


The Rose City Gay Freedom Bands needed a poster for a student solo competition they were hosting. I created a bold, typography focused poster that simplified and distilled the information they needed to relay in order to leave space for an eye-catching graphic. It attracted 20+ candidates and lead to a successful and competitive event.


Planning and Sketching

Knowing that this poster would end up next to many others, I wanted to use a bold, hand-lettered composition that was easy to follow and provide all the critical information necessary to enter the competition. I decided to use a good stock image of a young musician and somehow wrap him in the text. After sketching out several possibilities and working out how the text would interact with the figure, I created a clean inking to scan in and vectorize.