Jess Leftault Design

Peachy Kids' Clothing



Peachy Logo

Client: Peachy Kids' Clothes
Skills: Logo Design, Hand-lettering, Brand Identity

This children's clothing boutique was looking for a fun, modern logo that would allow for expansion as their Brooklyn business grows into other boroughs. We wanted to avoid a cliche peach icon, and instead placed the words right inside a peach with a cool hand-drawn script.


Planning and Sketching

I started by clarifying personality, and working closely with the client to ensure that we were showcasing company values in the brand expression. We focused on creating a personable, bold, fun, and carefree logo. My process for lettering starts with small sketches, then a refined sketch, then tracing to clean up the edges before inking. This ensures I'll have a clean drawing to scan.


My inked drawing will sometimes end up looking completely different after digitizing. There are just some things you can see more clearly on a screen than on paper. After making a precise vector from my ink drawing, it became clear that the x-height of the original was too tall and the curve was imperfect, making the vectorized product hard to read. With that and many other corrections, we are left with a clean and clever mark that flows and is easy to read.